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Main page categories are set out into a three tier system. First tier contains overall categories including groups, pairs, singles, sets and weekly specials. Secondary SUB-categories are made up of Animals, People, Picture, Transport and Advertising. From there we have made the third tier of smaller specialized titles. All cards listed will be visible from the first tier. Cards have basic titles so they can be found in similar groups within the first page.


All new cards listed will have N/L (new listing), written at the end of each title.

If you are a regular visitor to the site you will just need to type the initials N/L into the search box on the top right corner of the home front page and the new stock will come up on your screen. New listings will be updated on a regular basis.
International buyers please note when checking out the system will only allow four digits for the zip code. Please type in the last four numbers of your zip code and will will cross check with the paypal invoice or you can email with the details.



MINT- Perfect, as or is new condition or with guilding edge.Has never been used or shuffled.

EXCELLENT- Crisp clean card near perfect condition.

VERY GOOD- May have been in an album or played with briefly with but looks clean on back and front with no damage.

GOOD- Slightly discoloured on front or back or minor fade or corner wear or could contain slight bend.

FAIR- Worn, dirty faded or creased.

POOR- Very bad with damage, faded worn or torn (rarely will any cards be listed in poor condition unless sought after or extremely rare).

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